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Home Buying Made Easy- A Simple 3-Step Process to Get Started!

The First Step is the Toughest! Show us You are Serious and You Will Have our Attention.

If you're a PRE-APPROVED Home Buyer, please contact us directly
(513) 737-5678 t
o schedule a personal showing .

Step #1- Generating Your Lenders Report

In order for us to see where you stand in regards to lending we must first generate your lenders credit report. The information provided by this detailed report is needed to create your personal buyers file. The associated fees are $25.00/ per applicant, Becco does NOT profit from these fees! You'll also receive a copy of your report during your FREE Pre-Lending Consultation, in step #3!  

Step #2- Becco's Full Home Buyer Contact Form

Once you've paid the associated fees to generate your lenders report you'll be automatically forwarded to our Full Buyer Contact Form. Please fill out the form and once we've received everything we'll contact you to schedule your
FREE Pre-Lending Consultation, step #3!

Step #3- FREE Pre-Lending Consultation
After you have paid the associated fees and completed the full Buyer Contact Form, you're entitled to your FREE Pre-Lending Consultation. During this meeting you can decide which one of our buyer program(s) will best suit your situation and get you into your new home sooner than you ever dreamt possible, with minimal costs to you.
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We respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone, for any reason.

Just Looking for Some Basic Information About Our Services?

       If you are looking to acquire more general information about any of our Becco Homes and buyer programs then please fill out this short Becco contact form below. Without either reaching out through this form or contacting us directly we cannot begin to assist you with any questions and/or doubts you may have, therefore it's up to you to take your first step. 

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