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Q. What is Rent to Own?

A. In the simplest terms, It means that you will be renting the home but will have an option to purchase the Home at a Predetermined price within a specified period of time.


Q. Are Rent to Owns Expensive?

A. Typically Rent to Own programs seek to get an upfront payment. This is often called an option fee and typically costs several Thousand Dollars. Most programs offer a rent credit that can be applied towards down payment and or closing costs when you finalize the purchase. Please be careful with rent credits. Some sellers offer crazy rent credits However HUD, Fannie and Freddie regulate these credits meaning that they will be of much less value.

Q. What happens during my option period?

A. Usually life goes on as though you were simply renting. Most programs do not help you to finalize the transaction. They simply collect rent and wish you the best of luck at becoming the owner.


Q. What if I cant close the transaction before the option period is up?

A. There are no guarantees that you will remain in the Home. The Seller now has a legal right to ask you to leave and keep every penny of your upfront option fee as well as any rental credits. We have even seen programs that count on you failing.


Q. What happens if the Home falls into foreclosure before I own it?

A. Most often you should contact all of your friends to help you move. You more than likely wont be staying long and you wont be getting a refund. Sorry!


Q. I have spoken to my bank and they refused to help. Is there still a solution?

A. Yes. Many homeowners have faced this exact situation. You would not be the first person that got nowhere with their lender. It all comes down to the team you have behind you.


Q. How Is Becco Different?

A. Our program in most cases is only long enough to get the job done. Why wait a year if you can become the owner in three months. Becco also does not want any of your money up front. We want you to put it to work for you correcting your situation so you can become the true Owner. We will also walk with you every step of the way offering clear guidance and expertise. We solve Problems!



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