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We help people rebuild their credit and get into a home fast.

Our mission is to show our clients how to get into a home at a low fixed interest rate. We assist credit challenged individuals who are serious about wanting to get into a home within months, not years. We  take clients with credit scores in the 400's all the way to the point of handing over the keys to your new home.

If you have been thinking of using a rent to own home, lease to own, or a lease to purchase strategy to get back into the home ownership game, look here first. We have been helping families for over a decade get into great homes with affordable rates and payments for 18 years. We are currently servicing 17,000 people a year with bad credit who want to start building equity in a home, on their terms.

Here A Few Facts You Need To Know:

*The credit bureaus and creditors only enjoy the luxury of being the judge and jury because most consumers do not know how to enforce their rights.

*Your credit file is their product. The credit bureaus have no government affiliation.

*These private corporations sell your personal financial information to anyone that will pay for it. 
Knowing what the law says is vital. 90% of the people we consult do not know what their rights are or what the consumer credit laws are. We fight for you while our solutions save you time and money. We have all the resources in place to take on the credit bureaus and make them accountable. Give us a call or submit the form below to learn more about your options and how to get started.

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